First Aid Tips for Dehydration

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One of the deadliest medical problems that can affect people who are exposed to a hot weather condition is dehydration. This is because when left untreated, dehydration can lead to severe complications or even death especially if the patient or the affected individual is a minor. Considering that Lethbridge residents are bound to experience hot weather conditions every now and then, learning about dehydration and taking Lethbridge first aid classes for its complications is highly advised. Here are some of the first aid tips for patients who are suffering from dehydration.

For minors, calling the doctor or paramedics is the first step

Calling the Paramedics

Calling the Paramedics

When it comes to dealing younger patients or children who are suffering from dehydration, first aid rescuers are advised to call the doctor immediately. This is because the underdeveloped bodies of children cannot cope with the effects of dehydration as easily and quickly as adults. This means that mild dehydration can rapidly escalate to moderate and severe dehydration especially if the child is suffering from other medical problems or are taking medications which can decrease fluid absorption in the body.

For adults, call the doctor if the dehydration is caused by heat stroke

While waiting for paramedics or doctors to arrive, rescuers are advised to rehydrate the afflicted adult patient by giving 2 quarts of any type of fluid every two hours. However, water is highly preferred since it can regulate body temperature more efficiently than other types of fluids. When giving liquids to senior citizens, rescuers should slowly introduce them in order to minimize the chances of choking or drowning.

Watch out for falls and slips

The most common symptom of dehydration is lethargy and overall weakness of the body due to the lack of oxygen and nutrient supply. This symptom can cause patients, regardless of their age, to become more susceptible to slips and falls which can cause bone fractures and internal organ trauma. This is why patients who are suffering from dehydration should be carefully monitored to ensure that they do not fall, slip or incur any other type of physical injury.

By taking Lethbridge first aid classes, residents will learn the other first aid techniques that should be applied to patients who are suffering from dehydration due to the hot weather. They will also learn how to administer these techniques properly which ensures that they can apply these procedures without endangering the life of the patient or causing other medical problems which can lead to death.

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