Food Safety Courses

Everybody Handles Food

If you think that food safety courses are only for people in the food industry, you couldn’t be more wrong. In other parts of Canada, food safety courses in Lethbridge First Aid are called food handler courses. “Food handler” – a person who handles food. This term doesn’t specify being a food service worker or food business owner, just a person who handles food products.

Food safety training is available all over the country in various provinces. They are all regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, specifically by acts and bylaws that regular food facilities and businesses. Unlike other occupations that are required by law to receive some form of training and certification (e.g. EMTs and CPR courses), food service workers are not obligated to get food safety training.

However, business that handle food in anyway are required to have a number of staff members trained and certified by a formal food safety course. The Food Retail and Foodservices Code of 2003 in Alberta requires all food handlers to receive training in food safety and hygiene and communicable diseases.

Food Safety Training at Lethbridge First Aid

Food safety training is available in two levels at Lethbridge First Aid. Both courses give trainees certification once it is finished and each has its own refersher class available.

Food Safety Level 1

This is a program that teaches the basic concepts in food safety. It is targeted for people who directly handle food. If you work as a server, cook, or dishwasher in a food business or facility or simply cook food for yourself and others at home, this program is for you. Major concepts included in the curriculum are (1) foodborne illness, (2) personal hygiene, (3) hand hygiene and protective gear, and (4) proper storage and cooking techniques.

Program length: 8 hours

Food Safety Level 2

This is an advanced program that targets people who manage food facilities and businesses. If you own a food business or are in a managerial position such as being an executive chef or line manager, this course is for you. Major concepts included in the curriculum are (1) acquiring health permits, (2) in-house training for staff members, and (3) work flow design and general housekeeping.

Note: Only trainees who have valid Food Safety Level 1 certificates can apply for this course.

Program length: 12 hours (completed in two days)

Training Certificates for Food Safety

All laws and acts in Canada specify that food safety certificates are only valid for five years. After that time period has lapsed, the food handler has to take a refresher course for food safety to renew or receive a new certificate. At Lethbridge First Aid, our certificates are valid all over Canada and will be accepted as a requirement for whatever purpose you need it for. We also have refresher courses available for level 1 and 2 of Food Safety training.

You may enroll for a program below (online application) or in person during office hours. Lethbridge First Aid offices are open from 8 AM to 5 PM. Visit us then to complete your enrollment and secure your slot.