Pet First Aid and CPR

Pet First Aid and CPR with Lethbridge First Aid

Lethbridge First Aid offers pet first aid and CPR monthly. It is a program that targets pet owners or people who work with pets. Our pet first aid and CPR course covers basics such as choking and wound management – common emergencies pets usually get into. If you need certification for this kind of training program, no worries. We grant training certification to students who are able to complete the program with full attendance and passing grades on the short quizzes and final exam.

Note: Certificates for Pet First Aid and CPR do not expire nor are certified trainees required to take update or refresher classes. You may, however, take the program again if you want an update on your skills.

Looking into the curriculum, you will find concepts such as:

  • Pet assessment
  • Management of choking
  • Wound care and infection control
  • Splinting and bandaging
  • Poison management

There are more topics included in the four-hour program, but there are the main concepts we will be teaching our students.

Handling A Hurt Pet

Pets who are hurt and unwell are difficult to manage. Even a pet who is trained and well-behaved can become aggressive and can attack its owner if it is pain. This usually happens as the rescuer attends to the pet’s injury, which can cause a bit more pain hence the pet becoming even more aggressive. Never assume that your pet won’t bite you if it’s hurt, most likely it will try to.

During these situations, pets dogs should be muzzled and smaller pets like cats immobilized by wrapping them securely in a towel or linen. Approach them calmly, much like you would when attending to an injured child. This will help keep them calm and you will be able to manage the injured area.

Pet First Aid Kit

We advise all pet owners to keep a first aid kit prepared for their pets. The kit is stocked with the basics of a kit for humans – gauze, bandages, adhesive, and alcohol/antibacterial solution – but there are a few items that you should keep special for you pets such as:

  • Soft leash or a strip of cloth/linen (for leashing)
  • Towels and linens (for smaller pets)
  • Pet’s medical record – this is important!
  • Hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting)

Note: Never use adhesive on a pet’s fur. It can rip the hair out and cause them pain. Use them only to secure gauze and bandages to each other.

Always bring your pet immediately to veterinarian after you have given them first aid, even if the injury is just a small cut. Pet injuries can easily get infected if not treated by a professional.

Pet First Aid and CPR training at Lethbridge First Aid costs 79.99 dollars plus tax. The fees include everything – manuals, training hand-outs, certificates, and certification fees. Since we only offer training monthly, we advise everyone to enroll early. Online application is available below and our offices are open during weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM for in-person enrollment.