Managing Obesity Through Lethbridge First Aid Classes

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Even though it is more advisable to focus on the prevention of obesity instead of its management, taking Lethbridge first aid classes in order to manage obesity should still be a must for residents. This is because recent data shows that obesity is already a common problem among residents which means that there are a lot of people who are prone to certain medical emergencies that can be directly caused by this disease such as difficulty of breathing. Here are some of the data which illustrates the important of taking Lethbridge first aid classes for obesity.

Obesity among Residents

Chest Discomfort or Pain Caused by Obesity

Chest Discomfort or Pain Caused by Obesity

According to the data that was releases through the Alberta Primary Health Care Community Profile that was released in 2013 by the government of Alberta, the percentage of people who suffer from obesity in Lethbridge is higher than the provincial percentage for 2011. The obesity percentage of Lethbridge is 26.7 while the provincial percentage for Alberta is only 19.6. This shows a disparity of more than 7% which is equivalent to thousands of residents. The number of people who suffer from obesity is also increasing every year. According to the same study, 22.2% of Lethbridge’s population is diagnosed with obesity in 2010. In 2011, this number rose to 26.7%.

Obesity in the Future

Aside from the number of people who are already suffering from obesity, the number of people who are likely to suffer from the condition is rising as well. In 2010, it has been determined that 33.4% of the population is suffering from being overweight. In 2011, it was revealed that 34.5% of the population is suffering being overweight. Considering that being overweight usually leads to being obese, this means that 34.5% of the total population is at risk for obesity.

Obesity and Other Diseases

Obesity is often linked to the most common diseases not just in Lethbridge but in other cities and countries as well. These diseases include heart diseases, diabetes and even osteoarthritis. This means that the number of people who are at risk for obesity is not just limited to those who are already overweight.

Obesity and Lethbridge First Aid Classes

Through these classes, residents will learn how to manage obesity by ensuring that its health complications does not become life-threatening. This can help lessen the mortality of obesity due to its complications that can be treated by administering first aid. However, this should not be an excuse for obese or overweight people to adapt a healthier lifestyle and diet.

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