Lethbridge First Aid

Lethbridge First Aid: Are you ready in case an emergency strikes? We are the leading provider of safety, first aid and food safety certification programs in Lethbridge, Alberta. We offer one, two and three day courses at our training centre located in the heart of Lethbridge.  Classes are offered multiple times per week on weekdays, week-nights and on weekends. Registration for any of these food and safety courses can be completed on-line, by telephone or email.

Available Workplace Approved First Aid Courses

Individuals that need certification in first aid and CPR that meet Alberta workplace requirements can take either standard, emergency or childcare first aid programs. These classes include training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and in the use of automated external defibrillators (AED). If you do not know what course you need simply ask and we would be happy to help you register for the correct course.

Available workplace approved CPR Courses

We offer courses for individuals that are required to have only CPR certification with no first aid. Certification will also include training in the use of AED’s. These courses are typically completed in a few hours.


If you have an award that is about to expire then you may be qualified to enrol in a re-certification course. Certificates that are available for renewal include standard, childcare and some stand-alone CPR awards. Visit our re-certification page for more information about prerequisites for these courses.

Safety Programs

Workplace safety is a priority for many companies. Ensure that you meet the highest standards in workplace safety by enrolling in our on-line and in class safety courses which include WHMIS, MSDS, fire safety, transportation of dangerous goods (TDG), H2S alive, H2S awareness and other OH&S classes. Visit our safety course page for more information

Food Safety Certification Classes

If you work in the food handling, preparation, transport, storage or serving industry you may be required to be certified in food safety in accordance with the Health Act. Visit our food safety certification page for more information on available classes and whether or not you are required to be certified at your workplace.

Why Us?

We are experienced providers that offer food, safety and first aid courses throughout Canada. We pride ourselves on providing low prices while still maintaining the highest quality programs available. We have friendly customer service representatives that are available any time to help with any of your questions, comments or concerns. Our instructors will not only help you learn but provide an interactive, fun and entertaining course.